Vehicle Manufacturing

Solutions for the Vehicle industry

Emission reduction standards place high demands on the design of new vehicles. Innovative stainless steel and high-performance alloys improve sustainability

High temperature performance

High-temperature stainless steel is helping to solve the challenge of high temperature in the new internal combustion engine exhaust system. At the same time, high-strength stainless steel can also reduce the weight of structural systems and safety systems. Austenitic grade products are the main steel used for exhaust system components

High strength

Stainless steel is used in the power system. In addition to high temperature, it is necessary to consider the strength and metal fatigue. High-quality metal can solve this problem well, keep the power system running at high load for a long time and is not easy to cause accidents due to metal fatigue.

Welding performance

Modern automobile technology attaches great importance to the welding performance of stainless steel. Excellent stainless steel welding performance is an important guarantee for vehicle strength. At the same time, lower welding precipitates can ensure a clean and tidy welding surface, and can ensure that the welding surface is not corroded for a long time.

Quality Control

The automobile manufacturing industry has always been known for its strict standards. It is not only related to product quality, but also related to safety level and manufacturer reputation. Under the ISO quality system, we strictly control product quality, and cooperate with many international quality inspection companies to provide customers with comprehensive quality inspections and services to help customers identify genuine products

Tolerance control

The automotive industry has extremely high tolerance requirements for products, especially on important components such as engines calculated in micrometers. In addition to providing general small tolerance products, we can also provide ultra-fine tolerance products, so that customers are confident in purchasing

New Energy Automotive

New energy vehicles are the future development direction of automobiles, and they are also the areas where the most demand for new materials, new designs and new standards. We are one step ahead and provide satisfactory products to help car manufacturers achieve their goals.