321 Seamless steel pipe Features

321 stainless steel is a material with excellent high temperature stress rupture (Stress Rupture) performance and high temperature creep resistance (Creep Resistance) stress mechanical properties are better than 304 stainless steel.
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321-Seamless steel pipe Price in China ,Manufacturer of 321-Seamless steel pipe

321 stainless steel pipes are delivered in a heat-treated state. In addition, there are also certain requirements for the microstructure, grain size, and decarburized layer of the finished steel pipe. Seamless steel pipes for geological drilling and oil drilling control; use drilling rigs to drill wells for the exploration of underground rock structure, groundwater, oil, natural gas and mineral resources.
Oil and natural gas exploitation is even more inseparable from well drilling. Seamless steel pipes for geological drilling and control are the main equipment for drilling, including core outer tubes, core inner tubes, casings, and drill pipes. Because the drilling pipe needs to be deep into the formation depth of several kilometers to work, 1cr5mo alloy pipe.1. 321 stainless steel pipe. Seamless steel pipe (GB14976-2002) is used to manufacture superheated steam pipes, boiling water pipes and locomotive boiler superheated steam pipes, large smoke pipes, small smoke pipes and arch brick pipes for various structures of low and medium pressure boilers. High-quality carbon structural steel hot-rolled and cold-drawn (rolled) seamless steel tubes.
2. 321 stainless steel pipes: high-quality carbon structural steel, alloy structural steel and stainless heat-resistant steel seamless steel pipes mainly used to manufacture high-pressure and above steam boiler pipes. These boiler pipes are often under high temperature and high pressure. Work and pipes will also undergo oxidation and corrosion under the action of high-temperature flue gas and water vapor. Therefore, steel pipes are required to have high enduring strength, high oxidation resistance, and good organizational stability. Hydraulic prop pipes.

Equivalent Material of 321 Seamless steel pipe

Grade Euronorm China GB Japanese JIS
321 1.4541 0Cr18Ni10Ti SUS321
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Standard Specification Of 321 Seamless steel pipe

Thickness 0.1mm-200mm
OD 1-500mm
Length Since the custom
Surface Custom make
Finish Hot rolled ,Cold rolled, Cold Drawn
Form Seamless Pipe

321 Seamless steel pipe function

Si P S Cr Mo Ni N
0.75 0.045 0.03 17.0~19.0 / 9.00-12.00 0.1
  • Tensile strength :520MPa
  • Yield strength :205MPa
  • Elongation :≥40
  • Hardness: ≤187HB

Price Range Of 321 Seamless steel pipe

321 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe Price List 321 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe FOB Shanghai Per Unit (USD)
321 Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe $2500.00-$3000.00

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