Cold Rolled Steel Sheet-DC01-06

DC01-06 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet Features

Cold rolling is made by rolling hot rolled plate as raw material at room temperature and below recrystallization temperature. Cold rolled steel plate is the steel plate produced by cold rolling process, referred to as cold plate. The thickness of cold-rolled plate is generally between 0.1 and 8.0mm, and the thickness of cold-rolled plate produced by most factories is below 4.5mm. The thickness and width of cold-rolled plate are determined according to the equipment capacity and market demand of each factory.
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Specification of DC01-06 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Thickness of cold rolled steel plate Thickness of galvanized steel sheet Wearing plate+Corrosion resistance plate Galvanized coil+Galvanized coil Ction volume Stainless steel plate Thick plate
0.1mm 0.1mm 1.5mm 0.1mm 0.1mm 1.5mm 18mm
0.2mm 0.2mm 2.0mm 0.2mm 0.2mm 2.0mm 20mm
0.3mm 0.3mm 2.5mm 0.3mm 0.3mm 2.5mm 22mm
0.4mm 0.4mm 2.75mm 0.4mm 0.4mm 2.75mm 25mm
0.5mm 0.5mm 3.0mm 0.5mm 0.5mm 3.0mm 28mm
0.6mm 0.6mm 3.5mm 0.6mm 0.6mm 3.5mm 30mm
0.7mm 0.7mm 3.75mm 0.7mm 0.7mm 3.75mm 32mm
0.8mm 0.8mm 4.0mm 0.8mm 0.8mm 4.0mm 35mm
0.9mm 0.9mm 4.5mm 0.9mm 0.9mm 4.5mm 40mm
1.0mm 1.0mm 4.75mm 1.0mm 1.0mm 4.75mm 42mm
1.2mm 1.2mm 5.0mm 1.2mm 1.2mm 5.0mm 45mm
1.3mm 1.3mm 5.5mm 1.3mm 1.3mm 5.5mm 48mm
1.4mm 1.4mm 5.75mm 1.4mm 1.4mm 5.75mm 50mm
1.5mm 1.5mm 6.0mm 1.5mm 1.5mm 6.0mm 52mm
1.6mm 1.6mm 6.5mm 1.6mm 1.6mm 6.5mm 55mm
1.8mm 1.8mm 6.75mm 1.8mm 1.8mm 6.75mm 58mm
1.9mm 1.9mm 7.5mm 1.9mm 1.9mm 7.5mm 60mm
2.0mm 2.0mm 7.75mm 2.0mm 2.0mm 7.75mm 62mm
2.1mm 2.1mm 8.0mm 2.1mm 2.1mm 8.0mm 65mm
2.2mm 2.2mm 8.5mm 2.2mm 2.2mm 8.5mm 68mm
2.4mm 2.4mm 8.75mm 2.4mm 2.4mm 8.75mm 70mm
2.5mm 2.5mm 9.5mm 2.5mm 2.5mm 9.5mm 72mm
2.6mm 2.6mm 9.75mm 2.6mm 2.6mm 9.75mm 75mm
2.7mm 2.7mm 10mm 2.7mm 2.7mm 10mm 80mm
2.8mm 2.8mm 10.5mm 2.8mm 2.8mm 10.5mm 82mm
3.0mm 3.0mm 11.5mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 11.5mm 85mm
3.2mm 3.2mm 11.75mm 3.2mm 3.2mm 11.75mm 90mm
3.4mm 3.4mm 12mm 3.4mm 3.4mm 12mm 100mm
3.5mm 3.5mm 12.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm 12.5mm 110mm
3.6mm 3.6mm 12.75mm 3.6mm 3.6mm 12.75mm 120mm
3.8mm 3.8mm 13.75mm 3.8mm 3.8mm 13.75mm 140mm
4.0mm 4.0mm 14mm 4.0mm 4.0mm 14mm 150mm
4.2mm 4.2mm 14.5mm 4.2mm 4.2mm 14.5mm 160mm
4.5mm 4.5mm 14.75mm 4.5mm 4.5mm 14.75mm 170mm
4.6mm 4.6mm 15mm 4.6mm 4.6mm 15mm 180mm
4.8mm 4.8mm 15.5mm 4.8mm 4.8mm 15.5mm 190mm
5.0mm 5.0mm 16mm 5.0mm 5.0mm 16mm 200mm
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Ingredient list Of DC01-06 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Grade C Mn Si P S Cr TI Nb V
DX51D+AZ Min. / / / / /   /   /
Max. 0.43% 0.13% 0.03% 0.01% 0.01% / /  
DX53D+AS Min. / / / / /   0.06%   /
Max. 0.00% 0.13% 0 0.01% 0.006 / /
DC01 Min.   / /   /   /   /
Max. 4.2 17 0.3 19 8 / /
SGCC Min.   / /   /   /   /
Max. 5 16 1 13 17 / /
Q235B Min.   / /   /   /   /
Max. 2 2 2 3 3 / /
Q345B Min.   / /   /   2   2
Max. 2 3 3 3 3 2 3

Processing Technology Of DC01-06 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet

Cold rolling: using hot rolled steel coil as raw material, after removing the oxide scale by pickling cold rolling, the finished product is rolled hard coil, due to cold hardening caused by continuous cold deformation, the strength and hardness of rolled hard coil increases, the toughness and plastic index decreases, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of parts. Hard roll can be used as raw material for hot-dip galvanizing plant, because hot-dip galvanizing unit is set with quenching line. The hard roll weight is generally 6~13.5 tons. The steel roll is continuously rolled on the hot pickling roll at normal temperature. The inner diameter is 610mm.

Product features: Because there is no annealing treatment, its hardness is very high (HRB > 90), the mechanical performance is very poor, can only carry out simple directional bending less than 90 degrees (perpendicular to the direction of coiling).

To put it simply, cold rolling is processed and rolled out on the basis of hot rolled plate rolls. Generally speaking, it is hot rolling - pickling - cold rolling such a process.

Cold rolling is made of hot rolled plate at room temperature, although the steel plate will be heated by rolling during the process, but it is still called cold rolling. Due to the cold rolling after continuous cold rolling, the mechanical properties are poor and the hardness is too high. Must undergo annealing to restore its mechanical properties, no annealing is called rolling hard coil. Hard roll is generally used to make products without bending or stretching.

Price Range Of DC01-06 Cold Rolled Steel Sheet


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